July 2, 2018

Check out this video by Freek in Abu Dhabi

Basketball has always been the unofficial sport of hip-hop. In 1984, Kurtis Blow, one of the first breakout hip-hop stars, had a song entitled “Basketball” that helped to create an ever so present link between basketball and the then newly formed genre of hip-hop. The...

Have you ever heard the term “You are what you eat?” The origin of this phrase can be traced back to the French physician, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (credited as the inventor of the popular paleo diet). In 1826, Jean wrote in his seven-volume book, The Psychology o...

What is a social entrepreneur?

I’ve recently come across this term more and more. In my daily conversations with individuals from various backgrounds, I keep getting referred to as a social entrepreneur. This is not a new term, however, it is not a term that we use a lo...

Think back to your teenage years. Do you remember how unique of a time period that was for you? It was a time that you began to develop your own identity and most likely started to really think critically about things. You were stuck in a place that was not really chil...

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